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Maintaining Your Goal Weight

Once you reach your desired weight, treatment is discontinued and you are no longer "on a diet".  It will be necessary to maintain your new weight, within a four pound range (2 pounds above or below your goal weight), for six months to a year in order to re-train your body's "set point".  You will be counseled on how to do this if you choose to take part in our Maintenance Program.

Our maintenance program will help you stay focused and accountable.  We will want you to continue to weigh yourself and keep in contact through e-mail or by phone for counseling, free of charge, for as long as you like or until your weight  has shown itself to be stable for an extended period of time.

Should your weight begin to move up while on the Maintenance Program, you may resume treatment for the time needed to reach your maintenance range again for only the cost of the treatments.

Weight gains are usually caused by vacation, holidays, stress or unexpected changes in normal daily patterns.

Staying in contact through regular maintenance updates will help prevents these gains.
10 Years and Counting!
B&A JT01
J.T. Lost 36 pounds and has kept it off over a year!
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A.R. has lost 51 pound sand has kept if off for over a year!
Carolyn has kept her weight off for over 10 years!
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