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The Bio-Matrix Weight Loss Program

Real HCG:
We only use real injectable HCG produced by American, FDA regulated companies.  Homeopathic drops do not contain real Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  They are mixtures of supplements which are claimed to mimic the effect of real HCG.  However, no supplement, whether it is a vitamin or an herbal remedy, or Homeopathic HCG, is required to obtain FDA approval or testing.  When you purchase any supplement, you do so at your own risk.  And no supplement can truly mimic the effect of a natural Human hormone.

No Hidden Fees or Extra Charges
          Unlike other HCG Providers that charge for phone counseling, once you enroll in our program, our staff is available to assist and support you in any way necessary, at no extra cost, to help you succeed. There are NO hidden charges or extra fees!
          The costs associated with the program break down as follows:
                    $429        Enrollment Fee (administrative costs including Lab and Doctor's fees)
                    $60          Per week of treatment (includes three injections of HCG and two B12's)
          The Enrollment Fee can be paid in 2 installments, the first when you come in to begin the paper work and labs, the second when you begin the program.

No Contracts

          We do not have nor require you to sign any contracts to participate in our HCG Weight Loss program. There are absolutely no fees or penalties for withdrawing from our program. Should you decide that the program is not performing as you expected, contact us to see if we can determine why you are not seeing the results you would like.  If we can not find a way to improve your results and you wish to discontinue the program, just let us know. 

          Our staff has been providing HCG treatments based on  Dr. Simeons protocol since 1991 for local clients.  If while on the program you should ever have any questions, need any advice or support, simply come by our office, call or e-mail us, and one of our friendly and professional staff members will be more than happy to help you.

Our HCG program package includes a complete program guide, diet guide, diet diary, and recipes you can use while on the program.  If you would like even more recipes, you can use the sites found on our Links page, or any recipe that fits the nutritional guidelines you will receive in your diet guide.  You will receive everything you need to be successful on the program.  And remember, if you ever have any questions, you call always contact us, free of charge!

          On the Bio-Matrix Weight Loss HCG Diet Program, the average weight loss is 5 pounds of excess fat per week of treatment.  Of course, individual results vary and you may lose weight faster or slower depending on several personal variables.

Getting Started:
          To begin treatment on the Bio-Matrix Weight Loss program, you must first be approved by our physician.  You will need to fill out some preliminary paper work including a medical history form and get some lab work performed.  We will send you to a lab close to your location to have your blood drawn.  Our physician will evaluate your history and results and either approve or deny you for the program.  The cost of these services is covered with your Enrollment Fee.

          If you have had the required lab work performed in the past 90 days from your Primary Care Physician, we can also accept a copy of those results, which would qualify you for 10% off the Enrollment Fee.  The six test we require are:

                    1)  CBC with Differential
                    2)  Basic Metabolic Panel
                    3)  Hepatic Function Panel
                    4)  Lipid Panel
                    5)  TSH
                    6)  Free T4
          There are 4 conditions that will not allow you to take part in the program:

                      1)  If you have ever had cancer.
                    2)  If you take nitrates for a heart condition.
                      3)  If you take insulin by injection.
                    4)  If you have ever had a stroke or pulmonary embolism.

                    ***Note that using antibiotics or steroids while on the program will greatly reduce its
                    effectiveness and dramatically slow your weight loss.  If you frequently or continuously
                    use antibiotics or steroids, we do not recommend that you begin this program.***
          After being approved for the program, we will contact you to come in and begin the program when all of the specific details of the diet will be explained.  You will also be given a written program guide, food guide and shopping list, diet diary, and recipes you can use on the program.  All the food is purchased at your favorite grocery store. 

          All new local patients begin treatment on Mondays.  The weekly treatments consist of 3 injections given on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Each treatment contains 250 international units (iu's) of HCG for a weekly total of 750 iu's, with B12 added to Monday's and Friday's injection.  The weekly cost of treatment is $60.  B6 injections are also available at an additional cost of $10 per injection.

The Diet:
          You will be placed on a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet based on your gender, height, and weight.  The diet includes many options to keep you satisfied from fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits to frozen entrees.  We will even teach you how to incorporate a healthy breakfast, desserts, and snacks into the program.  You will buy everything you eat from your local grocery store.  We do not sell any food.

          Whether you need information, advice, tips, or just general support, our friendly and professional staff is always available by walk-in, phone, or fax at our office during normal business hours, or anytime through e-mail at info@biomatrixweightloss.com free of charge!

          After you have reached your desired weight, you may take part in our free Maintenance Program for as long as you would like.  You will need to maintain your new weight within a 4 pound range (2 pounds over or below your goal weight) for 6 months to a year to in order for you to retain your body's new "set-point."  Call or e-mail us if you need support or have any questions or concerns.  Check in regularly and if you should ever happen to gain weight, contact us about restarting HCG treatments with little or no restart fees (depending on whether or not new lab work is required).
Beware of sites offering HCG without a Prescription.  HCG is available only by prescription in the United States.  There is no way to be sure of what you are getting from overseas sources and no way to be sure you should be taking it without an evaluation by a competent physician familiar with the use of HCG for weight loss.
Beware of sites that send you pre-loaded syringes and tell you to freeze reconstituted HCG.  There is no way to tell what is in the syringes and freezing destroys the HCG hormone making your injection useless.  The labels on vials of real HCG instruct: DO NOT freeze reconstituted HCG.
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