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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HCG and what is it used for?
HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural protein based human hormone available in the U.S. by prescription.  HCG is produced by the body in abundance during pregnancy and is what shows up in concentrated levels in both blood serum and urine pregnancy testing.  Approved usage of HCG includes :  Parenteral fertility medication and treatment of  hypogonadism.  It can be used to enhance the production of Progesterone.  During the first few months of pregnancy, the transmission of HIV-1 from mother to fetus is very rare.  It has been suggested that the high concentration of HCG, and the beta subunit of this protein is active against HIV-1 during this period.  Other uses include:  treatment of obesity by use of IM injection.  Use with Anabolic steroids for treatment of testicular atrophy.

Is it safe?
The test of time would say yes.  HCG (as approved by the FDA) has been used for many decades as a fertility treatment -  and in much higher doses than that used by the weight loss method prescribed by Dr. Simeons -   this in itself suggests that HCG is safe .

If HCG is safe why do I need lab work or a Doctors approval?
Any person using a medication that requires a prescription should realize that there are reasons for testing.  Screening by our medical director is necessary to determine if any condition exists that would make HCG treatments unavailable or ill advised.  Weight loss can be important to your health but your over-all health must be our first concern.  There are always reasons why a person should not take a certain medication.  Medical history and medication information are required  (questionnaires are  provided by E-mail, fax, mail and office visits). Lab tests are also required and include: CBC w/differential, basic metabolic panel, lipid panel, hepatic function panel, free T-4 and TSH.  Also a PSA is required for men over the age of 50 years and a HCG blood serum test is required for any woman uncertain of pregnancy.  This information must be current (within 90 days) and can be obtained from your own personal physician or  we can provide you with a lab slip to a location near you.  Lab cost is nominal.  Directions to the lab will be provided and no appointment is necessary.  A copy of lab results can be obtained at no cost to you, with your written and signed request.  Lab results which have not been initiated or seen by your own personal  physician  - which show abnormal results of any concern or significance to our medical director  - will automatically be mailed to you with instructions to see your primary care giver.

Are there any permanent or after effects of  hCG treatments?
No.  HCG  is a natural hormone and in the system for three days only (after the last treatment).

Will your HCG treatment cause me to become pregnant?
You should always use appropriate birth control measures if you do not want to become pregnant.  Though, no proof exists that hCG, in the dosage given for weight loss will enhance the chances of pregnancy.

Will  HCG work for men and are there any unpleasant side effects?
Men typically lose weight faster than women.  And there are no side effects for men or women.

Do you claim that anyone on your program can loose five pounds each and every week?
Yes and no, but mostly yes.  What we really claim is that the average person who follows the program -  which is outlined in detail within our new-start package -  will lose five pounds per week averaged out over the entire period of getting treatments.  Twenty pounds in four weeks, thirty pounds in six weeks and forty pounds in eight weeks.  However, after six weeks we recommend a two week break from treatment and diet.  This will make losing weight easier when you continue the program should you need to lose more than forty pounds.  We give free counseling during maintenance periods in order to maintain weight.  When you think you cannot  lose anymore it may only mean you need a plateau  breaker or that your body needs a rest from losing weight.

Do you guarantee success?
That is like asking if we can guarantee your own behavior.  HCG is a tool, not a silver bullet.  If we could know for certain that the program was being followed as we outline, we would be happy to offer a guarantee because you would then be a walking advertisement for our program.

Is your program the same program as outlined in Dr. Simeonsí and Kevin Trudeauís books?
It used to be.  But after two decades of experience we have made some changes.  Treatment is basically the same with the exception that we have found it unnecessary to inject daily.  Local clients are seen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week and a double dose is administered each of these days with B12 added on Monday and Friday of each week.  Weight loss results have been just as rewarding for the individuals we have treated on the basis of three times per week as those who inject daily.  For individuals who wish daily treatment, that is available on a self inject basis with training and instruction provided.  No pre-cleansing is required, that will happen through the process of the program itself.  Modifications in the diet have been made to make the program adaptable to todayís  lifestyles, and with the same results in weight loss as before.  Daily calorie intake is not the same for each person but determined according to gender, height, weight and activity level.  All this being said - weight loss results remain remarkable.

Do you tell your clients not to exercise?
We ask clients to wait until they are close to their goal weight to begin any type of high-impact or muscle mass building exercise.  Activity is always good such as walking, swimming or riding a bike.

How does your program work?
Complete information would be too lengthy for this page.  Free consultations to get more information take about 20 to 30 minutes and are available in person or by phone.  See our web page "Our Program" for structure and pricing.

When I get my weight where I want it - will I be able to keep it there?
Immediately after a person loses a substantial amount of weight is the time when the individual is most apt to gain weight back.  Our free maintenance program is designed not to keep you on a diet regimen but to make you understand that you must be careful for the period of time it takes the body to accept the weight loss and to establish this new weight as it's standard.

Is Your Doctor a Real Medical Doctor?
Yes, of course.  Our physician is not only our medical director but also in private practice.  Please see info on
web page "Our Medical Director".

Will my insurance pay for this program?
The best way to know is to contact your insurance provider to ask regarding their guidelines for weight loss provisions.  In our experience, most insurance companies will only approve weight loss liability if the insured in question is one hundred pounds overweight and even then will want a written statement from your doctor stating that you need to lose weight for a specific medical problem.  However we can not file claims for you.  We will provide receipts and paper work if you would like to file a claim on your own.

Can I eat anything that I want and still do your program?
If you were knowledgeable enough and willing to "know" your calorie count and nutritional values, then the answer is yes.  We provide this information but have found that most people would prefer to have specific guidelines and meal plans (also provided).  Not all foods provide adequate information.  Most often what people like to eat equates to less food for the same number of calories.  Our diet plan is healthy and nutritionally balanced.  For more information see our web page "Our Program" or call us.

Will HCG show up on a random drug test?

A brief recap of our program:
Physician supervised, Non-surgical, Safe with no side effect Nurse and counselors on staff, No pills or meals
to purchase, Exercise not required, Supportive and private, Affordable, Free maintenance program.
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