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Are You Overweight?
Today, most healthcare professionals use Body Mass Index (BMI) as a general indicator of whether or not a person is at a healthy weight or at increased risk for adverse health conditions and diseases due to being overweight.  BMI is a statistical ratio of weight to height and does not actually measure body fat.  The categories used to describe a person's weight are "underweight," "normal weight," "obese," and "morbidly obese."  Health risks begin as BMI rises over 21.  The higher a person's BMI is over 21, the greater the risk for adverse health conditions.  A person with a BMI of 40 or  more is considered "morbidly obese" by the Healthcare community and is at extreme risk for serious, imminent  medical problems.  Find your BMI on the charts below to see if you are at a healthy weight, or to find how much you have to lose to achieve a healthy weight.
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